CH Hiawatha of El Dorado

MCO ds 23




CH Highlander of Magic Lake

MCO ns 22



GIC Hot Maylove’s Littlefoot

MCO ns 22


EC Hot Maylove’s Jonnie Walker 

MCO ns 22

IC Mama-Walker’s Gi-Cumbia

MCO a 09


Alina of Magic Lake

MCO a 22


EC Lord von Golzheim

MCO as 09 22

Celine of Grand Voice

MCO ns 22



Amacoons Menominee

MCO f 23



Tara’s Macauly



Tara’s TSST. It’s Me Shawano

MCO es 22

Döbele’s Evilly

MCO n 23


Tobermory Allegra of Amacoon

MCO f 09 23


Tobermory Own Mainy

MCO n 09 23

Patches of Find Us

MCO f 09








Kinky Boots the Purrfect Coon ,

MCO, ns 22



Gangsta Guy the Purrfect Coon

MCO n 23



EC Cooncolonia Jackson

MCO n 22


CH Bay of Fundy Lord Brayan of Cooncolonia

MCO n 22

CH Eski-Van Moment’s Forever of Cooncolonia

MCO n 22


Wildborn’s Jolene

MCO ns 23


Love Hulen’s Djanko

MCO as 22

Willowplace Circus Clown

MCO n 23



Castle Rock’s Veronica

MCO, as 22



Wildwalker Blue Thunder

MCO as 22

Wildwalker Elwood Blues


Wildwalker Halekala

MCO as 22


Guldfakse’s Boppin’s Out

MCO a 22


Guldfakse’s Tupac

MCO a 22

MtKittery Uma

MCO w 62


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