Christoma’s X-Way,

MCO d 22











Machoro Silver of El Dorado,

MCO ns 22


CH Highlander of Magic Lake

MCO ns 22

GIC Hot Maylove’s Littlefoot

MCO ns 22 

CH Alina of Magic Lake

MCO a 22


Amacoons Menominee

MCO f 23

Tara’s Macauly of Amacoon


Tobermory Alegra of Amacoon

MCO f 09 23




Asturia’s Frizbee,

MCO, fs 09


CH Inishkea’s Drago

MCO ds 09

Stormbringer’s Worrior

MCO ns 22

Shakira of Stone Brook

MCO fs 09


Asturia’s United Colours

MCO fs 09

CH Kitt Cat of Wild Bumble-Bee

MCO ds 09

Asturia’s Sunflower

MCO n 22







SC Lachtetals Firegirl,

MCO, fs 09 22




Lachtetals D-Joe

MCO n 09 23


DK Theilund’s Don Maverick

MCO a 23

Int.Ch. DK Tappernoje’s Snowfox


DK CountryCat’s Balina Black



King of Lion’s D-Estell

MCO n 09 22

Ch. Langstteich’s Ca’Dodge

MCO n 09 22

King of Lion’s R-Emotion

MCO g 09 11




Lollypop-Lou von Thie-Cats

MCO fs 09 22


of Tammany Mr.X

MCO as 09 22

Ch. of Diamond Hill Kalypso

MCO es 09 22

of Tammany Chadisha

MCO n 09


Lachtetals Lina

MCO fs 09 22

US GSC/Ch. Coonmora Jim Beam of Angelminds

MCO n 09 22

Lachtetals Gun’s N’Roses

MCO es 09 22


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