CH Langstteich’s N’Simply The Best,

MCO e 










Langstteich’s P’ Non Plus Ultra

MCO as


Langstteich’s CC. O’Predicat

MCO as

Langstteich’s C.Countdown

MCO n 09 23

Langstteich’s O’Perah

MCO s 22


H.T. Exclusive Atlantica

MCO fs

Langstteich’s O’Baker

MCO ns 22

Jarnac Rosegypsy

MCO fs 23




Mountaineer’s Shakira Magic Star



Belushies Utha

MCO es 22

Kumskaka Many Waters

MCO as 22

Willowplace Timbatou

MCO f 09


GIC Mega Odessa


Guldfakse’s Flash Gordon

MCO s 23

Mega Idaho P.

MCO fs 22







Lachtetals Firegirl,

MCO, fs 09 22




Lachtetals D-Joe

MCO n 09 23


DK Theilund’s Don Maverick

MCO a 23

Int.Ch. DK Tappernoje’s Snowfox


DK CountryCat’s Balina Black



King of Lion’s D-Estell

MCO n 09 22

Ch. Langstteich’s Ca’Dodge

MCO n 09 22

King of Lion’s R-Emotion

MCO g 09 11




Lollypop-Lou von Thie-Cats

MCO fs 09 22


of Tammany Mr.X

MCO as 09 22

Ch. of Diamond Hill Kalypso

MCO es 09 22

of Tammany Chadisha

MCO n 09


Lachtetals Lina

MCO fs 09 22

US GSC/Ch. Coonmora Jim Beam of Angelminds

MCO n 09 22

Lachtetals Gun’s N’Roses

MCO es 09 22

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