C.Belocoon Viking RUSSIANCOON*RU

Born: 18.08.2008

Color: black classic tabby/ white (n 09 22)


Viking is offspring of German lines who was born in our cattery. He is very large boy with a long magnificent tail and with a wild look. Besides, he has so tender and remarkable character that we simply could not part with him, though he does not necessary for our breeding program.

Now he is neutered and stays with as a member of our family.

He is a first cat of my daughter who is his rightful owner.


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Born: 30.09.2008

Color: brown tabby (n 22)


Damir was born in our cattery as a result of a unique single combination of two known German bloodlines. He has inherited the strong body and long tail, and he has surpassed his parents unusually thick and long coat. Damir is very large boy (in 6 months old he already weighed 5,7 kg!) with unusual lovely character.

He loves kids very much. He is one male who has nursed with all small kittens. When the mother leaves them on the affairs, he replaces with their mother; he embraces, warms and licks them.

Moreover, he loves people very much. He fascinates all our guests from their first visit.

Unfortunately, he has some shortcomings in the type that have prevented him to take place our strict selection on a stud cat. Now he is neutered and stayed with us. We cannot part with him.

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