Tahoe’s Uncle Sam

MCO ns 09 22




CH Hiawatha of El Dorado

MCO ds 23




CH Highlander of Magic Lake

MCO ns 22

GIC Hot Maylove’s Littlefoot

MCO ns 22

Alina of Magic Lake

MCO a 22


Amacoons Menominee

MCO f 23

Tara’s Macauly


Tobermory Allegra of Amacoon

MCO f 09 23



Kinky Boots the Purrfect Coon 

MCO ns 22


 Gangsta Guy the Purrfect Coon

MCO n 23

EC Cooncolonia Jackson

MCO n 22

Wildborn’s Jolene

MCO ns 23


Castle Rock’s Veronica

MCO as 22

Wildwalker Blue Thunder

MCO as 22

Guldfakse’s Boppin’s Out

MCO a 22






Umila Russiancoon*RU

MCO fs 09 22





CH Lachtetals Louis

MCO ns 03 22



King of Lion’s Saigon

MCO ds 09


CH King of Lion’s D-Kismet

MCO ns 09 22

CH King of Lion’s Al-Natalie

MCO e 22


Onley You vom Traumtal

MCO ns 09 22


GIC Lachtetals Buddy

MCO n 09 22

IC Lachtetals Sweetheart

MCO ns 09 22



Klena Russiancoon*RU

MCO fs 22



Christoma’s X-Way

MCO d 22


Machoro Silver of El Dorado,

MCO ns 22

Asturia’s Frizbee,

MCO fs 09


Lachtetals Firegirl

MCO fs 09 22


Lachtetals D-Joe

MCO n 09 23

Lollypop-Lou von Thie-Cats

MCO fs 09 22


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