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When you can see maine-coon for the first time, involuntarily you are admiring and would like to tell: «That’s the CAT!» It is usual reaction of my home visitors and the people who have seen maine-coons for the first time at the cat Shows. I’ve had the same feelings and I have understood that it is that breed which I will never put out of my life.
This was the beginning of the RUSSIANCOON cattery.
Animals always lived with us. We can’t imagine how possible is to live without this world of love and trust, such varied, always open and faithful creatures. I have dedicated them my life and knowledge learning the biology. I graduated the biology department of Moscow State University in 1990. A lot of years I studied the features of development of our "little brothers", psychology, anatomy, physiology, genetics and many different fields else for better understanding them, for possibility to speak with them in their language, be able to treat and to help . My own children since their birth are surrounded by love, attention and caress not only by human representatives. So they well understand and love animals.
Except the cats many other interesting pets mix up into our family, surprising and beloved irrespective of their size and "utility". To get acquainted with the big family RUSSIANCOON is possible here.
We have rather small but professional cattery of the biggest and beautiful cats in the world – maine-coons. Seriously, concerning the breeding we consider that to be engaged in breed, it is necessary to be not only the enthusiast, but also to possess special knowledge and experience.
We prefer "classical" type of maine-coon, the most corresponding to those who was created by the nature. In our breeding we carefully use and keep old lines of huge, mighty animals with powerful grace of the real predator as well as arise them like devoted and tender house pets possessing of long dense coat with true “coon’s” mane, wild lynx look and long fluffy tail.
All our breeding cats were carefully and over a long time selected from the best catteries in the world. We captiously sorted out the ancestors of breeding animals, attentively studying pedigrees and tried to get only the best! The most healthy and magnificent progeny remains for the further breeding. We try to consider not only the sizes and maine-coon type in our breeding but also put a great attention to even temper, wit and friendly behavior.
All our cats grow up in love and sleek. They are full members of our family, from the baby age get used to order at home, to dialogue and to mutual understanding with people and other animals. Our cats have fine character; they are friendly, gentle and sociable.
Our cats always receive only the best: the top-quality professional food and a perfect natural food, vitamins and minerals, daily care and attention from all our family. Everything, from toys and hygienic aids, to hairbrushes and tools for grooming we use are the first-rate quality and only from the trustworthy time-proved manufacturers, even if they are not presented in the Russian markets.
All our cats pass regular medical examination in the best clinics with the advanced equipment. We have some personal veterinarians who are one of the best experts in field of their knowledge. We always try to contract the best specialist, and this is our basic principle in approach to all kind of problems which we severely follow.
We very strictly follow the rules of daily hygiene, sanitary and safety for health of our cats. All animals, ones appearing in our cattery, pass obligatory quarantine with full medical examination. We never use in breeding  cats who have not reached a full physiological development, and any our females has no more than one litter in a year.
All our breeding cats are healthy, vaccinated only by reliable and qualitative vaccines and checked up on genetic diseases.
Our cats are notable for very big size, fine type, magnificent temperament and excellent health.
Our cats permanently participate at the International Cat Shows getting the highest titles that once again confirms quality of our progenies.
Our cattery is registered in the FIFE.
Cattery owner is Popova Elena , Moscow, Russia.
Welcome to our site!
If you wish to get acquainted with us more or have other questions, we will have pleasure answering to you by e-mail popova.elena@mail.ru                               or telephone + 7 925 5076316.
Hope that you will enjoy with our wonderful Maine Coons!

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